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Episode 1: When The Man Comes Around


The Ballard Family are living a humble life on their farm in the American Old West, until a stranger knocks on their door.

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Episode 2: Can't Stop


Laney just Can't Stop working, is always on the go, and living fast; but when she meets Cillian she learns that living fast isn't everything.

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Episode 3: Push The Sky Away


A letter from his brother brings Matt back to his old town, but it's not as he remembers it.

Release Date - 17th Febuary

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Episode 4: All In


June Merrifield finder herself in a sticky situation, when she gets embroiled in a pyramid scheme and reaches out to her friends to help, but will they?

Release Date - 3rd March

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Episode 5: The Malady Of Little Whittington


John lives in Little Whittington with his family and works at D-Gen a secret government base. As a mysterious disease spreads through the village, John suspects that is more than just a common virus. Will John find the answer before it's too late?

Release Date - 17th March

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