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Remember Us
Feature Film

Lucas has been caught stealing and is sentenced to community service. Whilst working he meets Mr Miller an curmudgeonly old man that shows him life is what you make of it. Lucas has to decide between a future in crime and going straight.

Writer: Alexander Butter
Director: Katlyn Boxall

Desert Rose: West In The East
A modern interpretation of the old fashion serials.

West is on the hunt for a book owned by Alexander The Great, that legend tells whomever holds the book will win any battle. But West isn't the only one after it, her old mentor Reindhart is looking for it too. If she is going to beat him she will need help.

Writer: Alexander Butter
Produced By: The Scriptdept
Read By: Lydia Blakemore Phillips

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A mix of genre's, characters and plots. This Podcast gives voice to stories that so often just live in a drawer.

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